Casually blends into the background.

twitch plays pokemon is way too amusing… that time in crystal version we fought Red and he uses a full restore and then we check our bag only to find a shroom was too funny…

my ultimate pkmn memory was when i was a wee young lad playing red version for the first time and then my blastoise learnt hydro pump and i was all like this attack only has 5pp so i taught it bubblebeam instead… boy was that a bad move

a con of living so close to maccas is that people always leave their rubbish in front of our house

had a dream where i was at uni presenting a speech….why you gotta be like that uni? i thought i was done with you!

come on now…. I auctioned two things on ebay and both bidders were trolls who didn’t pay after a week… *extreme sigh*

what should i do?


+46° 44’ 17.74”, +10° 50’ 3.56”

is there a blog dedicated to animals in google street view? because i will follow you if you do. I found this one, it’ll do.

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dad made some pancakes and as he gives them to us he slowly checks the bottom of them to find that they are black. The top was perfectly fine though. We still ate them.

only just realised i can’t exchange foreign coins…

thats why when i was younger my parents were like ‘hey have some foreign coins to collect’

Walking in Kingsgrove and some guy aggressively offered me free pizza I was like whoa back off at first and then he pointed to the new woodfire pizza shop behind him.Wow this is my day.

God bless that man

just applied for an internship and when i clicked on next it took me to a page where it showed an outrageous amount of fees for the program. The fees are too dang high thank you very much

sigh…. why didn’t the site tell me beforehand it had fees


This GIF will never fail to make me laugh

this is my six pack workout


This GIF will never fail to make me laugh

this is my six pack workout

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In line at the post office and I saw some guy walk out with a parcel all smug like can I order a box of what that guy has right about now?

Early discussion back in first year


You guys want to be architects right?


*blank stares and silence*




*forced smiles and nods all round*

driving in Granville is like trying to drive in a movie where people drive as if they’re always being chased by cops

My Dad watches the sochi olympics in his room while setting the aircon to temperatures suitable for snow even though its already cold. Thats setting the setting. Just need real snow now.

Parents came home from Indo last week and Mum got me a soccer jersey. It smelled so plasticky bad I went for some of my Dad’s perfume. Grabbed it by the cap which was loose and it dropped. All the glass exploded all over the floor. Now the W/C smells like the perfume section at Myer… good one me…