amateur triangle player

bro’s fundraising some chocs
i bought 12 of his 50… for now
my body is ready

hesitant about getting something for myself online and then i remember

treat yo self

ebay sure is addictive

there was this one time a friend of mine had to go toilet during class and the deal was that you had to get the toilet keys from the office since high school was full of punk kids that couldn’t be trusted going to the toilet in a timely manner. we were in the room on the top floor furthest away from the office and so he went on this trek to the office and then like ten minutes later he came back to the classroom cause he forgot to bring his ID card to show to the office lady and as he walked in the room to get it an alarm went off for a school lockdown. We were stuck in the room for at least half an hour and my friend was busting real bad by the time we were allowed out for lunch.

got my grad photos and in most of the photos my eyes were shut…

in year four i got sick and missed out a couple of days of school which turned into another eight straight days because my mum said it was too windy for me to go outside each day and inside my heart i was secretly like yes but was feeling guilty because it gave me heaps of time to play pkmn silver to train up my pkmnz but i missed out on a good amount of education. so i pretty much had two weeks off and when i came back i missed out on making a pot plant in a cup

there was that time in year twelve i didn’t want to go near anyone the whole day cause my uniform reeked. my shirt and jumper didnt dry from the washing and maintained the stinky smell from the week before

Sitting in the mall around the elderly makes me feel pretty old

not gonna lie but i have a soft spot for ESL people

one time in history class last year we started talking about some philosophical issue and then the tutor asked me to add my two cents and then i answered with a long as sentence with the word philosophy in it and the sentence made no sense at all and the whole class was confused and the entire lesson i didn’t even know what philosophy meant and i didn’t want to show my face at all afterwards and i was glad that was the last history class i had with that lady

never again….

not much of a fan of the cold because of cold toilet seats

me and a bunch of my graduated bodies at a beach in Hawaii

me and a bunch of my graduated bodies at a beach in Hawaii

one reason i don’t use my real name on social media is that i’m afraid of potential angry ebayers who might possibly cyber bully me

UTS Archi Grad 14
We’re done! Congrats y’all! :)

wow… watching the NBA playoffs and post games there’s been loads of awfully hate filled tweets towards players in losing teams…

people have such high expectations and most of those spectators don’t even know how to play…