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reblog because wow what a great quality audio file this is

wow this file really is high quality

im kind of shocked 

i thought the comments were being sarcastic im not sure if im disappointed or not

audio game too strong

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Just wait until he asks for a new phone.

I’ve never seen my parents so sad, some thief stole one of the plants in the frontyard they were growing for half a year…

Today I went with my Dad to replace the right brake light of our Nissan Tiida and when we went to our mechanic his workshop was closed so we went home and looked at the manual and the manual said, for replacement go to Nissan dealership and we were like stuff that its not worth the $$$ so now I will be driving with a busted right brake light for a while until the mechanic is back from wherever he may be

wow so last Saturday my Dad took my bros and I to watch a volleyball finals match between Aus and France and towards the end of the first set the MC told everyone to stand up for the final point that Aus was going to win but it took like 30 seconds and in those 30 seconds my Dad didnt get the memo and was still sitting down and the guy in front of him was still standing up and after some 30 seconds my Dad yells  at the guy “Sit down PLEASE” in such a funny way that I was about to pee my pants and the guy turns around to look at my Dad sitting down and makes a  “PFFFFFF” noise and in the following sets the MC asked people to stand up again and the dude in front of us didn’t dare stand up until it was the final set when my Dad actually stood up because my bro made him

and tonight he decided to take the family out for dinner at a restaurant called Papparich and we got there at 5.30 and we were like third in line but we had to wait outside and the line-minder guy asks if we want to sit outside or inside and we all want inside cause the heater is on and cause it was already freezing cold and we were probably waiting a good fifteen minutes until we’re at the front and we can’t go in cause they didn’t have a 5 seater and so we wait another fifteen minutes in the cold as customers of twos and threes get to go in and I just watch my Dad become like the quietest kettle that’s about to boil and the line-minder guy asks for the ticket he gave us as we lined up but my Dad wasn’t thinking straight and angrily said “5 inside!” whilst gesturing a 5 with his hand and my bro tells him to give the ticket and so he gives the ticket and does a weird nod and then a few minutes later some girl employee from the inside who knew NOTHING of what my Dad was about to do to her asks him ‘do you want to sit inside or outside?’ and at that point I’m thinking to myself  ‘O no she di’nt’  but she did and my Dad’s response was nothing less than what I expected. He yells at her but I wasn’t able to fully understand him it went something a little like ‘Inside! we waiting long time’ and thankfully for her the line-minder guy tells us to go inside and I heard my Dad say a swear as he walked in. I’m thankful nobody died

the food wasn’t the highlight of my night cause my Dad is just awesome and when we walked out, the line was like 100 people long so that should have given my Dad some perspective

my bros were pretty embarrassed but after living 21 years with the man that’s just standard. I just try to blend into the background when stuff goes down with my Dad

o and forgot to include, on the way home we almost crashed into the car in front of us cause they stopped suddenly to turn right while the light was green and guess who was driving, my Dad and so he yelled again

not trying to make him sound bad but my Dad is a straight up boss… also he’s on meds now so I’m not sure if that affects his temperament

Driving over a huge puddle on Parramatta Rd was so coooool!!!

In year eight, there was this English class which was the last period of the day and our teacher had a really cbb mixed with a bit of a hostile attitude and made us work from this book called ‘English Rules’ and when it was almost home time she made everyone read out an answer and if you got it wrong she made you stand up and when it was my turn I was so scared because I didn’t want to stand up and I had to answer a multiple choice question that I guessed and oh my goodness thank the Lord that I got it right I had a 75% chance of getting it wrong and we stayed back after the bell to answer the entire activity and there were like seven people who got an answer wrong and they had to stay back after everyone who answered correctly left I’m not even sure what even happened to them in the aftermath I’m just thankful that I made it out alive

Space travel baby

one day I would like to meet somebody who is part African-American-Asian-European and ask them how many languages they can speak. I would be pretty disappointed if they could only speak English…

another memory that resurfaced, in year four we were doing handwriting and my teacher was hovering behind me and after writing the capital letter ‘H’ she stopped me right after and got angry and said I wrote it wrong because when I write it I do:

|, —, |

left I > hyphen > right I


but she does:

|,  |,  —     left I > right I > hyphen

I almost cried..  and I still write my caps H the same way though, she didn’t explain why I wrote it wrong

On the way home on the train and the driver announces to the person in the green shirt in the third carriage to stop their kid from pressing the emergency help button. So it seems those surveillance cameras aren’t a bluff…

when i was in year three there was this day that my mum didn’t pick me up till 40 minutes after school ended and for the first ten minutes of waiting i was like hmm thats odd mums not here yet but its alright its only been ten minutes and there are still some kids around i know and then another ten minutes go by and i was trying my best to be cool, calm and collected and then a few more minutes go by i was like no way i cant stand this no more so i let out all my tears out of my eight year old face and some five minutes later my kindergarten teacher noticed me ugly crying and im like praise the Lord! somebody has noticed me all alone standing near the gates of parramatta public school and so he took me to the office and called home and i overheard him say he’s very upset and i was still trying to wipe the tears from my eyes and after my kindy teacher took me to after-school care they gave me some fairy bread and i was hesitant at first since my mum didnt say if it was okay for me to eat it and so i didnt and then after some moments later my mum came to pick me up i’m telling you i have never wanted to see my mum that bad…. that was one of the most les miserables day of my life. i actually lived two streets away from primary and i didn’t go home on my own because i was too scared to cross the street and when i got home my dad laughed and i was so sad because it all started when my dad told my younger brother who was three at the time to tell my mum that he wasnt picking me up… one does not simply send a three year old on a chinese whispers mission and the baby forgot to tell mum so the whole time my mum assumed dad was going to get me and my dad was like lets just take a nap… right now im wondering what sort of a dad would pull an Alexandre Dumas prank like that on an innocent eight year old kid…. and now i will find some way to get back at my dad i am up for any ideas

maybe eating so many krispy kremes wasn’t such a good idea

last year i did winter class with some friends and the tutors name was eduardo and i was like cool name bro and during the break three of us had to go toilet and i had to do a two and next to my cubicle was this dude who let one rip so loud and hard it would have sliced a cake into two perfect halves and my friend who thought i did it screamed my name really loud and he was the same guy who screamed my name when i was on stage during graduation.